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This is a quick-and-dirty tool to help you in short term or during development. It can be very helpful if you need to run a few T-SQL statements to upgrade your database, but it is not by any means production quality code! Use and abuse it at your own risk :-)

  1. Copy ExecuteSQL.aspx and ExecuteSQL.aspx.cs to wherever you want to have it in your Web Application
  2. If using a server different than the automatic LocalDB instance ("Server=(localdb)\v11.0") change the DefaultServer value to your target server address
  3. Run the Web Application and navigate to ExecuteSQL.aspx page
  4. Select the database you want to work with from the "Database:" drop-down, type your T-SQL to the upper text box, and click the "Execute!" button
    • The results will appear in the lower text box

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